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Why Choose Us?

When you are looking for a webhost, you should look for high speed servers and backbone connectivity, preferably backed up by written guarantees. You want your website to be up, online and accessible as much as possible. Most reputable hosting companies will provide you with just that. What truly sets us apart from everyone else is our commitment to outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

Lightning Fast, Friendly Technical Support

Our bottom line and profitability is meaningless if our customers are not happy with the level of support they are receiving. The first thing new clients say to us is how fast and friendly our support is. They're so used to waiting several hours (if not days!) for responses to their support tickets that they're amazed to finally be treated like the valuable customer that they are!

More important than fast responses are friendly, helpful responses. How many times have you waited hours for an answer only to have the technician on the other end send you an unhelpful, impatient, condescending reply? We don't have IT ego's that some of our competitors have.

At PJR, we are quite adept at deciphering your knowledge level when you submit a support ticket and responding accordingly-- we won't barrage newbie's with technical jargon and we won't talk down to more advanced users. We also follow-up on our support tickets if the customer does not close it to make sure the problem was solved to their satisfaction. We'll go above and beyond what is necessary to make sure you are taken care of.

Extremely Competitive Prices

Our hosting packages are very affordable. Feel free to shop around and check out our big name competitors. We have yet to find anyone with prices as great as ours!

We are very proud that the prices are so much lower than industry standard! They're so low that occasionally people mistakenly assume that there has to be a catch, like pop-ups, banner ads, or hidden costs and fees. That's simply not so! If anything, we provide more features and more flexibility than many of our competitors!

We are so confident that you will absolutely love our hosting that we offer an unconditional, 30-day Money Back Guarantee. There's absolutely no risk to you to try us out!

State-of-the-Art Data Center

Our servers are located in a carrier class data center located in Dallas, TX

24/7 Server Monitoring
Staff members work around the clock to ensure that the network is operating at an optimum state.

In additional to the on-site security staff, to gain entry, all guests must pass through a two-factor authentication barriers. A Northern Proximity security badge is required for entry/exit on all data center doors in the facility. Shifts patrol the data center and facility area regularly, and motion-sensitive cameras throughout the facilities track all data center activity.


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